Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Our Electrical Engineering services include the supply, installation, testing, commissioning, and maintenance of LV and HV electrical systems, ELV, instrumentation and control systems.

1.Electrical system (LV & HV)

We undertake complete Electrical installations for high rise commercial & residential buildings, hotels, industrial complexes, warehouses, luxury villas, Airports etc. as follows:

  • Erection and commissioning of electrical substations.
  • Power distribution systems.
  • Transformers, panel boards & cabling.
  • Industrial Wiring
  • HV/MV/LV Cable Jointing
  • HV/MV/LV Cable Termination
  • MICC Cable Termination
  • Supply and installation of Diesel generating stations including, L.V.
  • Switchgears, motor control centres and specialised panels.
  • Lights & Lighting systems.
  • Lighting Protection and Earthing
  • Street Light Installations.
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • Dimming/Lighting Controls for residential and commercial projects.
  • Lightning Protection.
  • Control & automation.
  • Automated Meter Reading Systems (AMR)
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure systems (AMI)
  • Building management systems (BMS).

2.Extra Low Voltage System (ELV))
Hi Tech has the extensive knowledge, experience required to provide support for full integration of all low voltage systems. With the new and constantly evolving low voltage and I.T. technologies, we can ensure that your permanently installed low voltage infrastructure is designed and installed to meet not only today’s needs but tomorrow’ as well.
Our low voltage systems group has experience unmatched in the region in voice, data acquisition, and video systems that keep people, departments, businesses, and institutions working together and communicating smoothly. We have full-service communications systems capabilities, with a large team of cabling designers, technicians, and installers who have the training and experience to handle everything from large-scale low voltage system design/build projects to daily service calls.
In today�s world, security is no longer an option but a necessity. Whether you are monitoring your business, employees or products, this protection comes at a price. At Hi Tech, our expertise will show you how to change this expense into an investment. Moreover With the modern advanced technology, Hi Tech assess your individual needs, then design and implement an advanced security solution. We have the experience and dedication to make sure your system is state-of-the-art. Our

ENGINEERING technicians are all “Factory Certified” and trained in the latest installation techniques.
We offer the following services under Low Voltage System:

  • Access Control Systems
  • CCTV Systems
  • MATV/SMATV Systems.
  • Fire Alarm
  • Public Address System.
  • General Address System
  • Traffic signal Controller
  • Master clock systems
  • Networking/Telecommunication.
  • Computer Installation
  • Telephone systems
  • FTTH/FTTP Solutions
  • Fiber Optic Cable Blowing
  • Fiber Optic Cabling & Splicing
  • Block Wiring
  • Multi Pair Copper Cabling & Jointing
  • Satellite System Cabling
  • Project Supervision & Consultation
  • Technical Coordination & Pre-Engineering


  • Plumbing for sanitary, bathrooms & kitchens.
  • Irrigation system.
  • Drainage system.
  • Pumps & Pumping stations installations.
  • Water treatment, Sewage treatment plants.
  • Fire Fighting installations.
  • Sprinkler installations
  • CO2, Halogen & FM 200 installations.
  • LPG gas system.

3.Fire Protection Systems (FP)
The Fire Detection System is used to detect fire in the cabins, passageways, dining/recreational area, galley, machinery spaces as well as offices and storage areas etc and employs fire detection control panel, fire detection repeater panel, automatic smoke detectors, heat detectors, manual call points, flame detectors (optional) attached to audible and visual alarm devices. Fire detection systems identify a developing fire at its early stages. Fire alarm systems alert the people within a building that there is a fire, giving them time to move to safety and seek assistance to limit the damage caused by the fire.

Installing a fire detection and alarm system will make sure that any fire incidents are identified at their very beginning, minimising the potential damage to property, employees and members of the general public present at the time. Our services include the supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of FP systems, which include fire hydrants, hose-reel systems, dry/wet riser systems and alarm systems. Our FP systems are extended to the oil and gas refineries, such as foam systems. We also integrate our FP systems with the building automation system, which includes access doors, mechanical ventilation and lifts.